No Nonsense, No Donations, Getting Real About Poverty

What if ideas fell into you lap that had the power
to end incredible misery …
would you keep it for yourself….
Or would you learn and make a difference …
May I offer you that chance.
Real tools, methods, ideas that are currently
saving 10’s of sick and starving …forget
donations they not needed or even wanted.
Fail to check this out and you have only
cheated yourself.
The key is ” YOU ” my friend, the key is you
to simple share ….to simply pass it on.




Be not afraid or discouraged


Evidence Of A God That Cares

What plant seeds purify water without toxic chemicals that
 has saved 10′ of thousands of lives ?  – CLICK HERE

Why is inexpensive Pico Hydro Power better for
third world countries. – CLICK HERE

What simple yet cheap devise could provide free heat for cooking
for millions going without ? – CLICK HERE

How does aquaponics differ from hydroponics ? – CLICK HERE

Many signifigant world
 issues solved here, solved now ! – CLICK HERE





Does Your Compassion For Others Give You Away ?

” Does Your Compassion For Others Give You Away ? “…

Does your love for people in pain shows the deep

compassion of Christ….Do you run to problems and

issues…while others run away from them….take

heart Christian friend I have been waiting for you

all along…You are the one I want to call brother,,

,, sister you are the one I seek to call

friend…..Love In Christ….brother Scott.

Real Charity

The Quest For True Abundance Not Ordinary Wealth

My ministry is not about making people wealthy …
it’s about God’s people slowly growing into a 
position where they need not have to beg.
I would first recommend that you start by
looking for wild Moringa trees in your area
or requesting help from missionaries to help
you obtain seeds.
From a scientific position Moringa is actually
an invasive weed …so you will not want to plant
it close to other plants.
The beauty of God’s Moringa is that in two years
most orphanages would be able to see that most
of their children’s nutritional needs would be met.
Moringa also serves not just as as source food but
has extraordinary nutritional value to boost a child’s
immune system. The immune system then
protects the child from diseases. Now comes the
benefit of children that are strong and needing less
medical attention than the weak.
Yes God has provided other means of his abundance
I can offer but for most this is a start.
After you start with Moringa may I then sugest you

I Dreamed

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# Mercy # Compassion # Unconditional Love

Donations not wanted or ever desired ….Amen.

I pray you will investigate this site for it is really not

my own but in service mostly to spare orphans

a life of pain, hunger and sheer misery.

None of this work is designed for myself to make any

profit for I am not even a nonprofit. But in His service

I am here to teach ideas that are currently rescuing

10’s of thousands that could be sparing millions….

Godspeed the feet of those willing to learn.

While I can’t offer funds what I have to offer is

great deal better…come see…come learn…

come to overcome …. for the

hour is much to close at hand….

Love In Christ… brother Scott.

# Mercy # Compassion # Unconditional Love


I Dreamed

Education, A Tool Evil People Fear The Most

Be what evil fears become an educated man, an educated woman.

Become the peson that can start a food revolution for less than ten

dollars . Learn how to boil water without fuel so you can kill germs

in contaminated water ( the world’s biggest killer since world war 2 ).

Know how to provide safe fire free light to 1.4 billion people living

in darkness so children can finally study school work at night.

You need not be concerned about my credentials because none of

this is ever going to cost you a dime. That right I’m giving back to

a world that hurting … because my wealth is beyond compare.

 I am what evil fears the most I am an educated man. Your

opportunity to do great good has never been as real as it is now.

Every necessary blog is in place, every tool is here provided at

your whim …the only hurtle now is for you to learn and take

advantage of all that ‘s here.

God speed for this world is deperately waiting you to make

you move I have done all I can now the rest is completely

in your hands.You can walk away …or you can choose to

lead. This list is your passport a passport to knowledge.

My prayers go with you because you must be

 that person that is different …you will need to be that

person that really cares ! So who am I really …I am just

a God fearing man ….who’s mission it is to share.

 Love In Christ ….from a servant of Christ ….

respectfully brother Scott.

Please explore these ideas and share to all.

1. A concept called ” Aquaponics ” because you

can grow a million pounds of food on 3 acreas of land.

2. A weed many see as a tree but is actually a weed

” Moringa Trees “ said to be the world’s most giving plant.

3. The world’s most affordable electric system

” Hydro Pico Power “ because no person need live in


4. How Parabolic mirrors can generate heat over 2000

degrees F. without expensive fuels for cooking and

killing germs in water.

A small personal note from myself.

He has his eyes on the sparrow

Connecting The Dots Of Evil

Hamas is not alone in their web of chaos …it’s time

to connect the dots to the root of all evil.

( Russia, China, North Korea …your leaders will most

likely see the hotter side of hell ! )

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while

some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and

pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

( 1 Timothy 6:10 )