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My Bio, My Mission, My Passion

To Those Of You Inquiring On

Twitter, Facebook , Linkedin and

other networks.

I am a bit of a nomad … I traverse

the Appalachian Trail. What little life I

have left is dedicated to teaching little

known off grid methods that could

rescue orphans and the poor of many

nations. I ask nothing of no person

but to share in that blessing.

Just so you know I’m not here to sell

anything but only hope to share and

teach ;

For Your Entertainment and Review

” Proven Ideas That Are Helping

Thousands, Should Be Helping Millions “

proven here


Non Toxic Water Purification

Pico Power

Personal Biogas Methods

Unique Shelter Systems

Urban Farming

Rocket Stoves

Moringa Trees

How To Tools

Administrative # 1-814-932-5684






In Response To ~” What Do You Do ? “

In a nutshell;
I teach a lonely and hurting world about
Moringa seeds that purify water without
any toxic chemicals, a way to make instant
heat up to 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit
without fire and an inexpensive system
called Pico Power provide light for one
billion people who still live in darkness …
Interested ?… because that’s just a peek !
All are welcome to join me on a journey
oh hope as I discriminate against no
person in need.
If your looking for money that is what I
don’t have. But if your willing to
learn I have plenty to teach.

Thank You

Kindly For Asking.


I’d Rather Have Fun Than Argue

I like science and just see it as a useful tool …
but to get into arguments of science vs my
beliefs would just lame for myself.

As a boy lie dying of skin cancer in Africa
that had extremely little hope I felt so bad …

So I sought out the One I see as God for
answers …. contained in this blog.

I take no credit for this collection of ideas
nor seek any donations. They are tools,
resources too simple and helpful for me
too ignore … They are ideas that are rescuing
thousands that simply need to be exposed
to millions, may you have a great day !

The Following Are Those Ideas

Please Click And Visit … Thanks !











Called To Serve The Poorest

By the standards of money … I too am poor …. But
just recently God has bless me with education so
the cycles of poverty need not continue ….
My ministry has nothing to do with money.
For I am only one man … my feeble pocket change
already goes to the poor … I can only do that which
God will allow. Please bare with me as I share
what I am called to do …. right here …. right now.







Sharing With Orphanage Directors

I have many talks with orphanage directors …
the conversation generally goes like this.
Director to me :
Hello my name is Director I am from the
country of many sorrows and great need.
How are you ?
Me to Director :
I am well …thank you.
Director to me :
See my children they suffer …we are
in need of sponsors. It would
be so easy for you to help ….Please.
Me to Director :
I would love to help but I am poor too.
But rather than send you away with
nothing this is what God has instructed
me to offer. I am blessed with much
knowledge … not money…but ways that
God provides for many …yes I am greatly
Director to me :
But we need your blessing we need your
donation for our children …surely you
will help….God loves you …Our
Children will pray for you.
Me to Director :
Yes I am willing to help …but
my donation does not consist
of money but knowledge.
Please watch this video this
is the way God offers hope
from me to you for your children…Amen.

How God Is Using One Small Child

That’s Not All Please Click Here !

That’s Not All Please Click Here !

That’s Not All Please Click Here !




To Be Called By Name To Be Called By God

In following Christ I believe I have been called
to shared educational tools that have rescued
10’s of thousands that should be helping millions ….
Trouble is few are willing to learn as they are only
after money….Yet what God has shown me could
help many much more than the few cents I have
in my pocket. I hope you will take a moment to
review what I have.
This same information is what I believe
God is using to restore my own personal
abundance ….May God be near may He bless
all your days and paths.


Miracles Without Cash




In Memory of Leonard Nimoy

It’s all over the net people are really hurting

asking , pleading with sites like” go fund me “.

I have no problem with that, however ….what

if my ” go fund me ” site ….could help you !

Rather that ask you for money …please allow

me to do something entirely different.

Lets’ turn the tables …please allow me to teach

you and others practical methods already

rescuing 10’s of thousands that could be

life sustaining education for others.

In Memory of  Leonard Nimoy

Who once stated ;

It’s so much nicer isn’t it,” he says, “when you can

realize that everybody has something to offer everybody

regardless of any difference.”


Leonard Nimoy