Education, A Tool Evil People Fear The Most

Be what evil fears become an educated man, an educated woman.

Become the peson that can start a food revolution for less than ten

dollars . Learn how to boil water without fuel so you can kill germs

in contaminated water ( the world’s biggest killer since world war 2 ).

Know how to provide safe fire free light to 1.4 billion people living

in darkness so children can finally study school work at night.

You need not be concerned about my credentials because none of

this is ever going to cost you a dime. That right I’m giving back to

a world that hurting … because my wealth is beyond compare.

 I am what evil fears the most I am an educated man. Your

opportunity to do great good has never been as real as it is now.

Every necessary blog is in place, every tool is here provided at

your whim …the only hurtle now is for you to learn and take

advantage of all that ‘s here.

God speed for this world is deperately waiting you to make

you move I have done all I can now the rest is completely

in your hands.You can walk away …or you can choose to

lead. This list is your passport a passport to knowledge.

My prayers go with you because you must be

 that person that is different …you will need to be that

person that really cares ! So who am I really …I am just

a God fearing man ….who’s mission it is to share.

 Love In Christ ….from a servant of Christ ….

respectfully brother Scott.

Please explore these ideas and share to all.

1. A concept called ” Aquaponics ” because you

can grow a million pounds of food on 3 acreas of land.

2. A weed many see as a tree but is actually a weed

” Moringa Trees “ said to be the world’s most giving plant.

3. The world’s most affordable electric system

” Hydro Pico Power “ because no person need live in


4. How Parabolic mirrors can generate heat over 2000

degrees F. without expensive fuels for cooking and

killing germs in water.

A small personal note from myself.

He has his eyes on the sparrow


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