A Much Cheaper Way To Fight World Poverty

To date this maybe the best idea to end contaminated water,

to end the need for expensive cooking methods in Africa, India,

Haiti, South America, for the poor .

( Note using a trash can lid with a cheap piece of mylar creates the

cheapest parabolic dish ever to make 2000 f degree heat with . )

You can cook without expensive fuels, you can kill germs in water with it.

PLEASE just keep it away from children, vehicles, animals and homes.

This requires a bit of effort but imagine the victories ….

Please Think Safety First !

Disclaimer: These devices are extremely

dangerous, and will INSTANTLY set things on fire!

Never Allow Children To Handel !

Never Leave Unattended !

Never Use Near Vehicles !

Never Use Close To Woods !

Always Wear Welding Googles !



I teach missionaries to share knowledge about

Moringa Trees, a way to make fire without using

fuel, and and a system to provide light for one billion

people who still live in darkness …that is what I do

in my service for God. If your looking for money

that is what I don’t have. But if your willing to

learn I have plenty to teach …Amen.

Most Sincerely …brother Scott

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